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Company Profile

Brooks Health Care is a locally owned and operated home infusion and specialty pharmacy provider… more

Mission Statement

The Mission of Brooks Health Care is to provide optimum patient centered Health Care related services, while maintaining a supportive focus on our employees and the community.

Brooks Health Care provides diversified home infusion pharmacy services including the in-home administration of nutrients, antibiotics, and fluids. These therapies are administered subcutaneously (under the skin), intramuscularly (into the muscle), through respiratory inhalation (into the lungs), epidurally (spinal routes), enterally (through feeding tubes), or intravenous (into the vein).

Brooks Health Care Inc.’s services are needed when a patient is discharged from a hospital (or in lieu of hospitalization) and in need of interim or long term care; depending on the patient’s diagnosis.

As a result of continuing technological innovations relative to the portability of infusion control devices, sophisticated injection ports, and advances in infusion drug therapy; the number and variety of therapies that may be safely administered in the home continues to increase.


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