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Company Profile

Brooks Health Care is a locally owned and operated home infusion and specialty pharmacy provider… more

Mission Statement

The Mission of Brooks Health Care is to provide optimum patient centered Health Care related services, while maintaining a supportive focus on our employees and the community.

Self Injectable Medications
Interferon Injections
Neupogen/Leukine Injections
Epogen/Procrit Injections
Anticoagulant Injections
SubQ Heparin or Enoxaprin (Lovenox)
Calcitonin Injections
And more….

Brooks Health Care works through the authorization and reimbursement processes to verify if these therapies are pharmacy benefit (PBN) or major medical covered items. If we are deemed the authorized provider, we work with the insurance, the physician, the patient, and sometimes a home health nursing agency to assure appropriate training and supports are available for the patient to self-administer in the home setting.

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